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Day of the Tentacle revamp

2011-03-09 01:44:05 by DawnOfTheTentacle

Hopefully if you are reading this then that means you are interested in playing day of the Tentacle, the best Scumm engine game by far.

I have started on some artwork already and will be making its own site on moddb, the only thing I know i will have trouble with is remaking the scumm movement system but thats a long way of.

Hopefully this will turn out to be just as good as the 'Curse of Monkey Island' remake, please comment.

>2 brand new scenes never scene before, lol.
>3 new ways to alter the present and future timelines.
>1 new character to interact with
>Fiddly menu removed now working with a one click system
although you will be able to use the original gameplay in a
similar style to the 2010 version of the curse of monkey island.
>Loads of new artwork all hand-drawn
>Original character voices remastered
>Original sound effects and music also remastered
>Very special bonus ending if special items are collected
>Plus a couple of entertaining mini-games but not Manic Mansion,
i've wrote that one out of the script.

Day of the Tentacle revamp


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2011-03-16 15:33:31

im totally playing that.

DawnOfTheTentacle responds:

Ill keep you and everyone else updated during each stage, currently the artwork is one of the biggest things ive ever done in flash so its gonna take time, but the wait will definately be worth it (I hope).