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7 years old

Considering this is 7 years old, it looks superb even compared to some of the flash you see today. If it had looked this good as a series I think WB or Fox may have bought it out.

Comic Relief???

Nice little animation but I have to disagree with the message, I believe charity begins at home and im more likely to give money to the NSPCC or RSPCA or even the Macmillan fund than to have it sent to another country. Dont get me wrong I dont agree with what goes on in Africa but why should we help when weve got our Debt in society to pay off and plenty of people needing help over here in the UK. So you still get 8 stars and a 5, and yes I do donate to charity.

Greencheekyconure responds:

Thanks, If you are in another country it dosent matter XD


loved it, also nice use of half life sound fx, lol

Rapheus responds:

I mean hey, it's a folder with hundreds of useful sound effects right? :D

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Great game...

Brilliant follow up to Doodle God, but why dont you get anything special for re-creating chaos? :D


Charlie Sheen, God Damit

Superb, not played such an addictive game for a while. Brilliant 8-bit graphics takes me back to the good ol days of using Axel in streets of rage but with charlie sheen on a coke fuelled rampage instead. Great work, keep it up.


Well worth the effort, only one sword left to find tho. Hope to see a future similar to castle crashers and alien hominid with this one...

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Watch out.

I thought what you said about the vocal work was true, but the thought was there which counts, if there was something you could have done for her this is it. Also to any trolls out there you need shooting if you give less than 10 stars.

PS watch out for: this is more important by Uplion hes made a video to go with the words.


I'd get yourself copyrighted quickly these tunes are quite impressive thats a good talent youve got, I think youve got the potential to be as big as Hixxy or Sy&Unknown etc... get yourself over to Reverb Nation and start sellin yourself to the music Biz.

Well if I could 'Blurb' i'd do it here but at the moment all I can do is 'Blurt' all over the screen from this Hardcore Carrot Porn.

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